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      Streams & Curriculum

      Orion Primary School

      Orion College Primary school caters to learners from Grade R to Grade 6 who have mild to moderate barriers to learning and who require remedial assistance.

      There are 3 streams at Orion that accommodate learners with wide range of ability:


      • The Remedial Stream – for learners with the ability to access the CAPS curriculum at Grade level, but who benefit from the smaller classes and remedial input.


      • The Pre-Vocational Stream – for learners who require a more adapted curriculum and who may not be working at Grade level in all subjects.


      • The Skills Stream – for learners who experience greater academic challenges and learn best through a practical approach and project-based work. We offer Differentiated CAPS and ASDAN courses.

      Orion High School

      Orion College High School offers a remedial learning environment to Grade 7 -12 learners in the following streams:


      • The Remedial Stream – offers learners, who are capable, the opportunity to write the GDE examinations at the end of Grade 12 and obtain a National Senior Certificate. The following package of subjects is offered from Grade 10: English, Afrikaans (1st additional language), Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Business Studies, CAT, and Consumer Studies.


      • The Pre-Vocational and Vocational Stream – continues with the adapted curriculum (Senior Phase) offered in Primary School. In the FET phase, learners are then prepared to obtain a NQF level 4 qualification in IT (course materials are obtained from SkillsPro). The curriculum is further enriched with added subjects.


      • The Skills Stream – learners are grouped, according to their age, into the Junior and Senior Classes. These learners are taught the Differentiated CAPS Curriculum and prepared for the world of work through practical skills and training. ASDAN courses are also offered, which are externally certified.

      Assisting children with

      • Dyslexia
      • Dyscalculia
      • ADHD
      • Mild learning difficulties
      • Moderate learning difficulties
      • Auditory processing difficulties
      • Sensory processing difficulties
      • Reading difficulties
      • Assisted learning
      • High functioning Autism

      3 Streams

      team around a child

      Team around the child