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      bMoved sessions are designed to include a wide array of Music and Dance styles. The experience is to introduce your child to the excitement of the wonderful world of music and dancing, alongside developing their own unique personality and stage presence. Each child is engaged, and their confidence levels naturally soar. Participants have fun & keep fit whilst learning the basic elements of Music.

      The focus is placed on Modern Line Dance Routines as well as incorporating Basic Hip Hop Moves, Party Dances and Trending Dance crazes. Dance as a therapeutic activity forms a core part of our programme here at Orion College with some of the many benefits including:

      • Increased physical fitness and Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development.
      • Improved confidence, emotional expression, and Self-esteem.
      • Encourages Creativity and Imagination.
      • Self-Expression and Tension Relief.
      • Group sessions develop communication and social skills.
      • Choreographed sequences can help enhance memory and recapitulation skills.
      • Assists with developing body awareness and promotes general well-being.


      Students also enjoy singing familiar songs, play basic rhythms on Boomwhackers, Bucket Drums and other percussion instruments, participate in fun-filled general musical knowledge sessions, as well as stimulating uniquely developed music games. Team building activities embody the vision in all areas of these sessions and many activities involving group work are incorporated (Covid-19 Protocol and Social Distancing applied).