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      School Based Support

      School Based Support Team

      The primary purpose of the school based support team (SBST) is to determine the support interventions required by the school, teachers and learners. It is also the responsibility of the SBST to co-ordinate the provision of this support. The SBST is particularly relevant when a learner is identified as being ‘at-risk’ of failing.

      1. The composition of the SBST

      The SBST comprises of the following:

      • School Principal
      • Deputy Principal (where applicable)
      • HOD of the phase
      • The class teacher
      • Educational Psychologist
      • Speech and Language Therapist (where applicable)
      • Occupational Therapist (where applicable)
      • Remedial Therapist (where applicable)
      • The parents
      1. The functions of the SBST
      • Management of learner, teacher, and curriculum support.
      • Identification of needs within the school with a particular emphasis on barriers to learning.
      • Development of effective and appropriate class and school-based strategies to address the needs to learners and teachers.
      • Facilitating and encouraging peer and collegian support.
      • Effectively utilizing resources within and outside of the school to address needs and challenges experienced.
      • Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of interventions.
      1. Meetings

      Should a learner be identified as requiring further support, the SBST will meet to discuss possible interventions. Where possible, parents will also be involved in the interventions process.