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School Based Support Team

Orion College has two dedicated Educational Psychologists who work within the high school. Both psychologists are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and adhere to the ethical guidelines stipulated by them. They work from predominantly a Systemic Framework and incorporate appropriate therapeutic techniques and interventions to cater for the diverse needs of the learners of Orion College.

Orion College offers the following means of support:

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: The aim with older children and adolescents is to offer guidance through difficulties that they may experience through an individual therapeutic process. This may involve talk therapy and other techniques, such as psycho-education.

GROUP THERAPY: Should a common issue or difficulty be identified among a group of similar learners, then group therapy may be used to address this. This process often fosters feelings of support, encouragement, and understanding.

PARENT GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT: Having a child with challenges can also take its toll on our parents and parent support and guidance is an important part of intervention.  The focus of this is to support parents through the challenges that come with parenting and offer guidance in terms of effective strategies.

PSYCHO EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENTS: Administered when a new learner visits the school and thereafter every two years or once during a phase of schooling. Encompassed in these assessments are measures of cognitive, scholastic, perceptual, and social-emotional functioning. The purpose of continuous reassessment is to track the learners’ progress and whether they are benefitting from interventions and the placement offered to them. Assessments are also conducted to determine placement or if a child may change streams.

CAREER ASSESSMENTS: Administered in Grade 11/Level 3 to assist learners to make an informed decision regarding their future career and vocational options.

CONCESSION ASSESSMENTS: Administered during the FET phase of schooling when a referral is made due to observed difficulties during tests and examinations. These assessments are used to determine whether a learner requires extra time, a reader, a scribe, a separate venue, spelling concession, or full amanuensis to have a fair opportunity to write examinations.

LEARNER SUPPORT: Is provided to learners who need support beyond that which is normally given in the classroom. Learner Support addresses difficulties in specific areas of learning and academic