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      Learning Support

      Learning Support is provided to learners who need support beyond that which is normally given in the classroom. Learning Support addresses difficulties in specific areas of learning and academic development and entails not only providing learners with strategies and skills to overcome their barriers, but it also helps them to fill gaps in their learning.

      The Learning Support Therapists are responsible for administering base-line and scholastic Literacy and Numeracy assessments to specific learners, with the goal of establishing the areas and extent of their difficulties.

      Foundation Phase

      Learning Support in the Foundation Phase is given in paired or small groups and focuses on an intensive multi – sensory phonological program, designed to improve the learner’s skills in all areas of Literacy. The RAVE – O small group reading intervention program is implemented with all Grade 2 and Grade 3 learners. Support in Numeracy in this Phase focuses on all basic Numeracy concepts, at a concrete and representational level.

      Intermediate Phase

      Learning Support in the Intermediate Phase is given in individual or paired groups and addresses accurate and fluent reading, listening and reading comprehension skills, knowledge and implementation of spelling rules and correct punctuation, grammar and syntax in written work.

      Support in Intermediate Phase Mathematics reinforces all the concepts taught in the classroom and incorporates additional and alternative strategies. Specific difficulties experienced by learners are also addressed when the need arises. Study skills for examinations in Mathematics are taught and practiced.

      Senior Phase

      Learning support continues in the Senior Phase, if necessary, to assist the learners with the transition from Primary to High School. Many of the areas of difficulty that are focused on in the Primary School, continue to be supported to assist learners to become more independent and cope with the academic demands required at this level.