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      Our Mission & Values

      Orion’s Vision

      To be the leading remedial school and a centre of educational excellence in the local community.

      To equip our learners to become functional and independent citizens who are adaptable and able to contribute meaningfully to society.

      Orion’s Mission

      Our mission is for ORION to

      O – Offer quality child centered, multidisciplinary, remedial education in a safe learning environment.

      R – Raise awareness around responsibility and independence.

      I – Inspire the development of clear personal values.

      O– Offer multiple opportunities, integrated support and a varied curriculum for each learner to reach their full potential.

      N – Nurture each learner to embrace life as a joyful challenge.


      Orion College abides by a Christian ethos but is respectful of the diverse religious views held by our staff and learner communities.

      We have a child centered approach – placing the children at the heart of all our decisions and actions.

      We strive towards personal, social and environmental responsibility.



      Working closely with parents, learners and the community as a team – maintaining our child centered approach.


      Open, honest and positive communication, valuing each others opinions and contributing constructive ideas. Maintaining a positive attitude to self and others.


      Commitment, participation, self discipline, hard work, perseverance and showing up!


      Acceptance of our differences, not only in opinion, but also in backgrounds, culture, religion orientation and ability. Showing friendship and kindness to all.


      Respecting each others roles as stakeholders in the development of the learners and the school as a whole. Being loyal to the school and each other.


      Continued development of self and others through a growth mindset, learning from mistakes while having a solution focused approach to problem solving. Having the courage to face challenge and seek solutions together.


      Having social, personal and environmental responsibility and being role models within the community.  Being generous with our time and means. Being thoughtful and understanding that actions and choices have consequences.


      Deliberately looking for the positives in all situations and showing appreciation. Having a positive attitude even in times of challenge.

      School Prayer

      School Song