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To all the parents, learners and Staff from Orion College I would like to thank you for your support at The Hideout Café, it is much appreciated and we strive to provide you all with high-quality food and service.

As we enter into 2018 I am sure you are all aware of the changes at the school with the new building and at the same time, the school tuckshop needs to be relocated to new premises as well.

The new tuckshop will be relocated to behind the swimming pool change rooms. We have been allocated an old storeroom that will be converted into a tuck shop. With the new location, it would make it easier for learners to access the tuck shop directly from the sports field as it is now located away from the school not to cause a disturbance to our learners.

The tuckshop will have a much bigger space and the plan is also to install additional equipment for us to expand our daily menu to provide a wider selection of food to Orion College.

As we operate independently from the school we do discuss with Orion College the items that we sell from the tuck shop. Our menu includes some healthy items for our learners, but sadly some items were removed due to lack of demand, however, we are always open for suggestions and should it make economic sense we will expand our menu accordingly. You are more than welcome to make contact with me or, when you visit the school, please visit me at the tuck shop.

Thank you for all your support of the tuck shop.


Tel no: 0825511663

Email: lefty@vodamail.co.za

General Procedures

  • Menus to be distributed to school/parents on a quarterly basis
  • Parents/Teachers can place orders directly with the tuck shop & make payments, via cash or EFT
  • Once payment has been received orders will be fulfilled
  • Parents can make payments in advance to the tuck shop, daily purchases will be deducted from amount paid and a daily/weekly summary would be sent to parents on the status of the account
  • An order box will be available to every primary classroom for teachers to take orders every day for prior preparation and available during the break, this would be for students as well as teachers.
  • The tuckshop will operate the same time as the school.

Ordering Procedures

  • The Hideout Cafe Staff arrive at school – 07:00,
  • Start daily preparations,
  • High School Learners can place orders directly at the tuck shop for 1st / 2nd break,
  • Tuck shop to attend the morning line up for high school at 07:50
  • Collection/delivery of order boxes from primary school classrooms at 08:00,
  • Preparation of orders for primary school for 1st break, ready for collection by students and Teachers at 09:30 & 11:40, respectively,
  • Preparation of orders for high school for 1st break, ready for collection by students and Teachers at 10:30 & 12:50, respectively,
  • Cleaning of tuck shop on a daily basis,
  • Tuck shop will be open during extra murals, this would however be assessed & based on feasibility and activity by the students.

Tuckshop Pricelist

View or Download the Tuckshop pricelist for 2018