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      Our aim

      All therapies are aimed at supporting academic learning in order for each child to achieve their full potential.

      Introducing the Team

      Orion College has a dedicated department of full-time therapists, working in a multidisciplinary team, who collaborate very closely with the academic staff to assess and monitor the progress of our learners and offer appropriate support interventions.

      Our team consists of:

      • 2 Educational Psychologists
      • 2 Occupational Therapists
      • 2 Speech Therapists
      • 2 Learner Support Therapists/ Remedial Therapists

      These therapies are provided on a needs basis, determined by formal assessment findings, classroom observations, referrals and clinical judgement. Therapies and re-assessments are included in the school fees.

      Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (ST) services are rendered on a needs only basis and can take the form of the following:

      • Direct sessions which include; individual sessions, small group sessions, or joint multidisciplinary sessions (OT and ST).
      • Therapy can also be provided in an indirect manner in the form of classroom strategies, or push-in services in the classroom.
      • Each learner can receive a maximum of one 35-minute OT and ST therapy session per week within the school fee structure. If a learner requires additional therapy than the maximum amount provided by the school, parents will be informed and would need to
        arrange external therapies at their own cost. Our Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists carry out private work after school hours.
      • What does ‘needs basis’ mean? Not all learners require both OT and ST. The need for therapeutic intervention in these areas is determined through initial and ongoing assessment. Most Foundation Phase learners receive both therapies but as they reach their goals (usually within the Intermediate Phase) direct therapy may no longer be recommended. Indirect therapy will then take over and classroom strategies will be implemented.

      Overall, the combination of small classes and therapeutic intervention ensures Orion College offers a unique learning experience, whereby children are emotionally, academically and socially supported.

      Find out more about the therapy and support that Orion College has to offer

      Occupational Therapy

      Occupational Therapy (OT) is the use of therapeutic interventions that help a person achieve their highest level of independence in everyday activities.

      Speech Therapy

      Our Speech Therapists (ST’s) work with a full range of communication difficulties to support academic learning and facilitate effective communication.

      Educational Psychology Support

      Our therapists will work from predominantly a Systemic Framework and incorporate appropriate therapeutic techniques and interventions.

      Learner Support

      Learner Support is provided to learners who need support beyond that which is normally given in the classroom. Learner Support addresses difficulties in specific areas of learning.

      Download the full Therapy & Support Brochure