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      Program of Study

      Remedial Stream

      The Remedial Stream at Orion provides a differentiated and adapted learning environment in order to meet the needs of learners who have mild barriers to learning who are still academically capable and able to access the National Curriculum and complete the required assessments (tests and exams) as stipulated in this document. Some learners will qualify for concessions which will allow them additional support during assessments, such as extra time, a reader or scribe. The difference Orion offers is in the pace of delivery, size of the class, the specialist knowledge and teaching approach of the teachers and the additional support and intervention from our therapists (during the Primary Phase). In the High School therapy is replaced by extra remedial lessons which form part of the school programme.

      We provide the necessary differentiation, remediation and extension to make sure each child reaches their full potential. Our class sizes are small which allows for a more personalised approach, individual attention as well as differentiation, remediation and extension. We focus on the child in a holistic manner, thus taking into account all areas of development, strengths, weaknesses, interests and learning styles. Every child matters at Orion and a happy child is a learning child.
      Ad Astra – To the Stars!
      Primary School Remedial Stream

      Foundation Phase (Grade 1, 2, 3) and Intermediate Phase Remedial Stream Grade 4, 5 and 6

      In the Foundation and Intermediate Phase Remedial Stream we follow the National Curriculum (CAPS) and complete all assessments as stipulated in this document. We provide an adapted environment through small classes and we adapt our teaching methods to suit every child’s needs, focussing on creating learning material and lessons that are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic to ensure that every child can learn effectively. Our class sizes are small which allows for individual attention as well as differentiation, remediation and extension.

      “Remediation is concerned with correcting faulty study habits and the raising of a learner’s general competence.” – Merriam Webster

      Our teachers are experienced in working with children with learning barriers and every child’s needs are taken into consideration.
      In the Primary Phase, learners in the Remedial Stream are further supported by a multi-disciplinary team of Remedial Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists on a needs basis. Therefore, a holistic approach to every child’s learning takes place.

      Having a balanced school career is important and we encourage our learners to take part in extra mural activities like Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Chess, Zumba, Netball, Athletics, Softball, Lego, Computers, Yoga and more!
      If a learner reaches a point where they appear to be ready to return to a mainstream school environment this will be recommended by Orion.

      “Every child has a genius inside – believe in the possibility” John Demartini.


      Pre-Vocational Stream


      The Primary School Pre-Vocational Stream has two classes which cater for learners in the Foundation Phase (Grade 1 to Grade 3) and the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 to Grade 6) who need to work at a slower pace and have concepts consolidated more.
      Here the curriculum as well as the learning environment is adapted and differentiated to meet each individual’s particular needs. Each learner works on the grade level that they are on for Maths and English. For instance, a Grade 5 learner might be working on Grade 5 Maths but Grade 4 English.

      The children also do formal assessments and exams to prepare them for future exams. Concessions will be given where applicable. Those children who cope with this stream will stay in it and continue up to the High School in the Vocational Stream This stream also follows the CAPS syllabus, and the aim is to try and “catch up” any gaps in the child’s education so that he/she can be moved back into the remedial stream if the child is able to cope.


      Skills Stream


      At Orion we strive to give every learner the opportunity to gain academic achievement at their own level, despite the barriers and difficulties they face. Learners in the Skills Stream have an Individual Education Plan which personalises their learning opportunities and the required intervention to help them meet their full potential. The subjects covered are English, Maths and Life Skills.

      In the Primary School, Skills classes provide opportunities for children to grow in their world knowledge through project based learning. The children are encouraged to source information and compile it into a project that requires some form of practical skill.
      The High School furthers the practical skills through wood work, cooking gardening and other useful skills for life. The focus is on developing independence and preparing these learners for life outside of school and the world of work.

      In 2018 the Skills Department will be accrediting all project work through the ASDAN International Centre, which will provide certification for learners in this stream. ASDAN is a curriculum development organisation and registered awarding body. Their courses explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life. The ASDAN programmes cater for all ages and abilities and will run across both the Primary and High School phases. We will be introducing new ASDAN courses in 2018 in each phase, which will run over several years:

      Foundation Phase: 8 – 11 years Intermediate Phase: 11 – 13 years High School: 13 – 18 years