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A to Z of Orion


Orion College is a Remedial School (not a special needs school) that primarily accommodates learners with barriers to learning. Any application for admission received for learners with specialised educational needs will be carefully considered in order to make a recommendation that will be most appropriate according to the learner’s needs.

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Orion College Aftercare provides supervised care for children from Primary and High School between close of school and 18h00 from Monday to Friday on school days.
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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct serves to inform students of their rights at Orion College, ensuring no student will be penalised or singled out based on anything but a violation of established rules.
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  • Call the Orion College office on 011 795-1776 to schedule an appointment (Monday – Friday).
  • Complete the visitor registration – Issued by Reception.
  • Meeting with the High School / Primary School Principal
At your appointment you will meet with the relevant Principal, who will be assisted by a qualified Educational Psychologist, to determine
your child’s needs.
NB: All prospective students are required to submit a RECENT Psycho-Educational Report.
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Extra Lessons

Extra Mural Activities

At Orion we have a very active cultural group. We do art, drama, dance and singing.

There is an opportunity for individual participation and group work in order to give even the quietest child an opportunity to showcase their talents.

We take part in the annual RACA Eisteddfod in September. Over the past two years we have had exceptional results in all areas: singing, dancing, public speaking, prepared reading, art, baking and creative writing.

We also have a yearly in-house “Orion’s got Talent” competition, which allows learners from all grades to get their act together and perform on stage. This event emulates the well-known global talent show, and the top two acts (one from the Primary School and one from the High School) receive prizes.

At Orion, every learner has the potential to express their creativity in their own way and our cultural activities provide a myriad of opportunities for them to do so.

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High School Sport

A good balance between sports and academics is encouraged at Orion College. Not only is it beneficial to the body, it also promotes a healthy mind, which is the key to achieving great results in the classroom.

Here at Orion College we offer a wide range of sports with the aim of getting as many of our students actively involved in at least one sport or activity per term. Sports offered throughout the year are soccer, netball, rugby, chess, cricket, fitness, swimming, athletics, hockey and tennis.

With our swimming pool area, newly built sports field and tennis court, we are aiming to grow our sporting exponentially by hosting matches for the respective sports. Matches are played against surrounding schools that have the same sporting disciplines as we do.

Our aim is to focus on and maintain a high level of sportsmanship and etiquette, which is an extremely valuable life lesson to obtain while in school.

We encourage participation from all learners across the board.

I will leave you with this wise and meaningful quote:

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

John F. Kennedy


PRE-ADMISSION FEE (Non-Refundable)
An administration fee of R600.00 is payable for registration of a prospective student. Assessments: bookings will only be confirmed when proof of payment has been received. This fee includes the compulsory Credit Risk Assessment (CRA) check.

ENROLMENT FEE (Non-Refundable)
A non-refundable admission fee of R20 000.00 is payable once a student has been offered a placement. Enrolment will only be confirmed upon receipt of the enrolment fee(s), the contract and all requested documentation as indicated on the application form.

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Golf Day









Soapbox Derby



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Office Hours :

7:30 – 14:30
Friday 14:00

Grade R:

Grade R: 7:40 – 13:00

Grade 1, 2, 3 Pre-Voc & Jnr Skills

Start of day 7:40
First Break 9:40 – 10:00
Second Break 11:40 – 12:00
End of day 14:05 (Monday – Thursday) (including extra murals)
13:00 Friday

Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 – 6, IP Pre-Voc & IP Skills

Start of day 7:40
First Break 9:40 – 10:00
Second Break 11:40 – 12:00
End of day 14:05 (Monday – Thursday)
13:15 Friday
Extra Murals 14:05 – 15:15

High School: Grade 7 – Level 4 & Snr Skills

Start of day 7:50
First Break 10:30 – 10:50
Second Break 12:50 – 13:10
End of day: 14:30 (Monday – Thursday)
13:30 Friday
Extra classes 14:30 – 15:30
Extra Murals 15:30 – 16:30


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Second Hand Uniform



Orion College, Randpark Ridge (Remedial and Assisted Learning School) is looking for a passionate and enthusiastic High School Teacher to join their team. The Post is available from 1st Feb 2019. 


  • High School teacher
  • SACE registration
  • Afrikaans Gr 7 to 12
  • FET Subjects (Tourism, Business Studies, Maths Lit)
  • Extra lessons (Afrikaans)
  • Extra Murals ( Culture and sport)
  • First Aid Level 1

Salary R 17 500

Closing date: Monday 3rd December 2018

CV to be emailed to louisb@orioncollege.co.za

Date posted: 20 November 2018